Top 10 longest train routes in the world

top-10-longest-train-routes-in-the-worldSince the evolutionary stages, man has made phenomenal progress as far as relative development of infrastructure such as transport. The man was able to connect many parts of the world through road, rail and air.
One of the means most important transportation is the railroad and in many countries around the world have developed extensive rail networks to serve the economy and the population, by connecting distant places. In this selection are the 10 longest train routes in the world in 2015.
In relation to Brazil, even though many people do not imagine, in the country there is also possibility to travel by train, which can represent amazing experience to adventurers. There is possibility to travel from one old Maria Smoke to train more modernity and comfort.
A Brazilian tourist railway section stands out, in Curitiba (PR) to Morretes (PR). The trip is very interesting by sight, especially in the Sierra region. It is determined by one of the railway routes of greatest beauty of the country.
The section comprises 110 km, with construction business purpose in the 19th century and currently receives many tourists. Ticket prices vary widely, with an option for many tastes, even featuring luxury cars.
More tourist railroad tracks that stand out are Aquidauana (MS) Miranda (MS), and São Luís (MA) for Parauapebas (PA) and also in Belo Horizonte (MG) to Vitoria (ES).

Shanghai-Lhasa, China Railways

This is the tenth in the selection of the 10 longest train routes in the world, and is among the Chinese cities of Shanghai and Lassa, which is served by the train T164 from China Railways. The route is 4373 km long and is covered by daily train in 48 hours and 56 minutes, stopping at 12 stations along the way

Chicago-Los Angeles, Amtrak

This train route is 4390 km long between the two major US cities, Chicago and Los Angeles. The Texas Eagle train 21/22 Railway Amtrak service runs 3 times a week on this route, covering the distance in period summed up to 65 hours and 20 minutes with 40 stops along the route.

Harbin-Haikou, China Railways

The daily train K1121 from China Railways covers a distance of 4458 km between the cities of Harbin and Haikou in China, the total period of 65 hours and 42 minutes, stopping at 52 points along the way.

Toronto-Vancouver, Via Rail

This train route is among the Canadian cities of Toronto and Vancouver (Canada). The 4466 km length of railway route is crossed by train 3 times a week, The Canadian ½, Via Rail in a period of 86 hours, or three days. And performs 66 stops on the route.

Guangzhou-Urumqi Railways

This train route is between Guangzhou and Urumqi in China, which is served by trains daily Z136 / Z138-7/5 of China Railways. The train covers a distance of 4684 kilometers in total 49 hours and 34 minutes, stopping at 31 stations along the way.

Shanghai-Kuldja, China Railways

The train route between Shanghai and Kuldja has gstão by China Railways daily train T206 / T204-3/5. The 4742 km long route is covered in 55 hours and 43 minutes with 32 stops on the way.

Guangzhou-Lhasa, China Railways

The Guangzhou railway route to Lassa measures in length 4980 km. The daily train T264 from China Railways travels the route in 54 minutes and 30 minutes with 10 stops on your route.

Moscow (Russia) -Beijing (China) via Ulan Bator, Russian Railways / Mongolian Railways / China Railways

This route is third in this selection of the 10 longest train routes in the world. This country crossing train route is long 7826 km is served by a weekly train 43/33, which spans the distance in 131 hours, corresponding to 5.5 days, making 33 stops in all.

Moscow (Russia) -Beijing (China) via Harbin (China), Russian Railways / China Railways

In second place on this selection, the 10 longest train routes in the world, stands this route with 8984 km long, from Moscow in Russia and Beijing in China. The route is served by a weekly train Vostok 020W / 0194, covering a period of 144 hours, which is 6 days, with 44 stops on the route.

Moscow-Vladivostok, Russian Railways

A rail route of 9259 km in length, between Moscow and Vladivostok, is the longest railway in the world, with leading position in this selection of the 10 longest train routes in the world. It is crossed by train Rossiya 002 Russian Railways, which runs every other day and it takes 178 hours, which is 7 days to reach your destination, stopping at 67 stations along the way.
And some other train routes that are considered to be the most world long are those between Sydney-Perth (Australia), Dibrugarh-Kanyakumari (India), Hangzhou, Urumqi (China) and Changchun, Kunming (China). The majority of these are located in China. This country also stands out in the list of the largest and most high bridges in the world and the largest hydroelectric power .

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