sweet good night love quotes

good night love quotes

A simple good day, good afternoon and good night is enough to transmit peace, to repeat in our thoughts all expressions and images that can produce calm, tranquility, tolerance, respect, friendship and forgiveness because they do the body and especially the soul very well.

It’s time to dream …
It’s time to see you
in my dreams,
And forget
that we’re in trouble …
Just dreaming …
(I have faith …)
And imagine that we
overcome everything .. . ”

sweet good night love quotes

Good evening, my people!!!
May God send angels
to watch over your sleep,
annihilate your pains,
alleviate your worries
and prepare a beautiful dawn!

But let’s wish good things for us, starting with a good night’s sleep!

Our meeting starts with “good evening”
with “good morning” I tell you “See
you “, I find you in my dreams.

Good night, Mom, with dynamite and affection – good night love quotes

Good Night
I’ll sleep thinking about you. Not for the sake of remembrance. We only remember what you forget and I, I do not forget you.
I can even feel you. Here, on my side.
So now I’m kissing you, loving you and falling asleep in your arms.
Kisses, good night.

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Good evening?
Quiet early morning.
In the gloom, the
Full moon troubles me …

When we sleep we stop disturbing God to work, Good Night

cute good night love quotes

Good evening to you guys, who by some miracle decided to arrest.

Good evening friend, may your good dreams come true! Kisses.

Good evening friend, may your good dreams come true! Kisses.

For your start of night,
all the peace and tranquility that you need
Take me in your dreams that I take you also
and in this sweet intimacy
the highest affinity will be realized.

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And the sun has gone so beautiful
Like painted
watercolor Leaving the promise with me
Tomorrow I’ll be back soon …

She sends me a good night
and tomorrow I have a good day.

Have a good night, long for you, who does not know where the sneak-slapping racket is, and now it’s just as crazy as clapping, throwing a towel, making a fire, and so on …

Good night to you before you pass perfume! You know if you can find someone of your dreams in your dream.

May our sleep be serene
and our dreams be pleasant …
Good evening friends !!!

Wishing good evening to someone, it’s gentile, but we hardly see you sleep!
Wish a good and quiet sleep or rest … It is more query!

Good evening!!
Angels … They are sent
from God who are guiding us.
This is for you to take care of.

I just came in to wish you a good night. I wish that in addition to a beautiful show room, you can get good ideas for your business. As for my feeling I think it does not need to be explained anymore. Long life to lire and his dear owner. Good evening.

I realized that I loved you when you said goodbye with a GOOD EVENING. I felt an immense willingness to tell you I LOVE YOU.

And the sun becomes indifferent
To the river that the lack of water feels
Brings the light of day with it
Leaving behind a sad solitude …

To improve the quality of life, improve the quality of your thoughts.

A good winner is one who plans his steps without stepping on anyone. Good evening

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