Causes Of Jealousy In Relationships

Jealousy In Relationships

Jealousy is a recurrent cause of the end of dating, engagements and weddings, and hardly anyone ever entered a relationship that there was this feeling, at least some of the sides. Although it is a feeling that can demonstrate love by the other party, the excess jealousy may be the shortest path to the end of any kind of relationship .
The causes of Jealousy In Relationships for the jealousy are several among which will name the top ten:


If one party is suffering from low self-esteem is very likely that the couple will face serious jealousy crisis even if the problematic situations are routine, for example, to see the other party talking to a person of the opposite sex.
Moreover, the uncertainty is so great that even if the other person has just feeling less secure with regard to the relationship and partner, and also end up with a sickly jealous. Thus, hardly the relationship will have some future.

Relationship Stage

Many authors and psychologists say that jealousy is just a stage of any relationship, that is, that initial stage where the couple still do not know enough and fascination between them is even greater.
However, this does not mean that after the couple know that jealousy will end up because it can continue for a lifetime.


Distrust is a major cause of jealousy, especially if one of the parties has been deceived or passed lies in a previous relationship. In this way, your thoughts are always directed to this may happen again and ends up turning into a distrust of (a) new (a) partner (a), which will surely turn into a jealousy


Fear is another constant cause of jealousy in a dating and is related to the fact that one imagines, all the time, your partner can exchange it for another person and thus leave the relationship.
This issue is most common when the partner has many friends of the opposite sex and relates to the same very friendly, which arouses the suspicion that there that friendship there something else that has not been told.

Child trauma

The childhood trauma of when a woman has a father a little conqueror and she sees all her children the same courting other women except his mother. Thus, when it comes in adolescence and adulthood think that all men are equal and therefore develop a large insanely jealous with the person who is relating.

Si projection Even

Although everyone denies it, a cause of jealousy in a relationship is the projection of yourself in the other person. This means, for example, that a man “chicken” after winning all women who wanted during their teenage years, to reach adulthood and enter into a relationship can have several crisis sickly jealous, simply because of imagine that all women are easy and your current girlfriend or wife can be with any other man easily .

Sexual Relationship Revealed

Often jealousy happens when one spouse to the other account all sexual adventures that lived before this relationship – the worst is that it can include beyond place and time, as it happened. Generally, the other person ends up with very jealous associated with a tremendous anger that imagine that it can return at any time.


A little lie about what he would do, for example, when leaving the home of his girlfriend can trigger a severe jealous rage. It turns out that sometimes it can be said that going home and, in fact, is going to a friend’s house or even elsewhere.
Everything can go as imagined, but already the saying goes: “a lie has short legs” and so his girlfriend could be heard and the result is a great jealousy, which can take a pass.

Be Kind to People of the Opposite Sex

A cause of jealousy, especially women before men is when they are kind to other women. An example is when you open a door and wait another woman go or even have a nice conversation with a friend. This leads to girlfriend, fiancee or wife to create a suspicion that it goes far beyond what it is and, therefore, more jealous scene can be formed.


One of the main, if not the main, is possessiveness, that is, when one side of the couple thinks the other is in his possession and, with it, holds it and comes to suffocate it with you. It turns out that any exit from the “line” to your eyes causes severe wave of jealousy without there actually any reason why this actually happens.

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