10 signs that it is controlling your life

10-signs-that-it-is-controlling-your-lifeOne of the best parts about being in a relationship is to feel that you have a partner who will support you, without controlling the life of another. A question that should always be done is if you really are with a partner woman or a parent. Sometimes, who is within the relationship does not realize, but outsiders may have noticed that control. The ideal is to know how to find the balance in this relationship. In this selection are highlighted 10 signs that it is controlling your life.

She watches the cell without stopping

It’s amazing how the driver is always watching the cellular boyfriend and checking all application messages and his social networks. Man has the right to their own privacy and also has the right to be in a relationship where you feel that there is reliable partner.

She gnaws on small details

Nobody likes to feel like you are in a trial, but remain in a relationship with a partner that controls it , then it is exactly the feeling that will recur.
The less confident for this partner, the more it will examine every little detail of his life. This is especially nasty because if it is doing this, then it is almost definitely a controller.

Accusation of treason

If your boyfriend is really reliable, the constant accusations of betrayal they will be recurring quickly. When she upsets on details, it is only natural that man can forget small nuances of the day.
But when it is in a controlling relationship, all the little slips are definitely signs that he is cheating. Unfortunately when the partner begins to insist that there is betrayal, it may be some projection of the final and it may be that in the end is cheating.

She hates the partner’s hobbies

Someone who is controlling not only alienate hobbies and partner activities, but will try and make you feel bad for taking pleasure in these things.
The man does not want to end the relationship and realize that all hobbies and old passions were completely ignored during the relationship. Surprisingly, it also notice with hope as damaging is this relationship.

She is selfish

Similar to have their own favorite activities, someone who is controlling, try and control the activities when they are together. If the man does not want to see a romantic comedy on the anniversary, unfortunately partner is bossy and everything that she says she will. It is important to remember that dating a partner, not a princess who must have all the perks.

It reduced his self-esteem

One of the biggest and most dangerous signs that she is controlling the relationship is that this reduced self-esteem of the other, and can do this in several ways. The woman who is controlling will also have high expectations, and it can leave you feeling like you do not deserve anyone else.

She isolated her partner from friends and family

It can be really difficult to be in a relationship, and then quickly he realizes that friends and family are more important. But of course they are!
Man is only with someone who is controlling and a big part of that is to make sure that it is the main and only form of support. You need luck to break up with her, if it knows that there is no family or friends close to him. You realize that the situation became critical when you have to choose between a barbecue with your family or do her will, and go elsewhere.

It requires all his spare time

The man has the right to have time only for you, and it should not leave any relationship that require different. The best relationships are those in which every free second is passed to two.
But instead, the relations that allow to both grow as individuals and as a relationship. This may even be worse if you are with someone who is angry every time he says he may need some time alone.

She gets upset when the partner does not respond immediately

If a man starts to get nervous, because the partner will be upset for not responding immediately, especially when he had a valid reason, then he should also start to realize how much control this behavior is.
The partner should love receive a text message from her and answer because you want to talk to her, not because he knows he will have trouble otherwise.

The partner does not feel more righteous

The man is in a controlling relationship when it begins to step back and realize that really is no longer himself. His identity A tends to curl up with a partner in the relationship, at least to a certain point, and the more controlling the ratio, further their own sense of identity will be.
The man did not feel you have support because she controlled this element of his life, and he remains in a harmful relationship and literally does not know how to end it.

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