10 countries with the best food in the world

best food in the world

The world is full of so many varied restaurants that specialize in cuisines from other countries. These are internationally recognized by the vast dining options, and characteristic care cuisine. It is the desire of all eat better and improved food around the world. In this selection are highlighted Checkout th best foods recipes From the 10 countries with the best food in the world


The Turkish cuisine is also the result of the great efforts of the Ottoman Empire. So the meal of them is influenced by the cuisine of the Middle East countries. The Turkish cuisine also has the influence of European cuisine.
As Turkey is rich in oil production, so it is great part of their meal. The kitchen is full of spices, and the most famous foods are kebab and kofte. Fish is also an important part of their cuisine.


The kitchen is influenced by a large number of foreigners come in America. But chefs and American kitchen specialists were very brilliant that changed all foreign food for own style.
The American food historically is like English food. Americans like to eat sea food and grilled meat. And also like instant meal ideas that can be prepared quickly, and this led them to fast food. Beer and whiskey are also a part of American cuisine.


Japan is the world’s largest fish producer. This is the reason that Japanese food consists mainly of seafood. The grilled fish and fried seafood is Japan’s food. Soy sauce is also an important ingredient in the preparation of Japanese meal. The cooked rice is classified brand of Japan’s cuisine.


The Chinese cuisine is adored by everyone. And it has special meaning for cuisine lovers. Chinese restaurants are now open in many countries around the world. The Chinese food is the result of thousands of years of Chinese history.
With the passage of time preferences of people changed and now the Chinese cuisine is loved all over the planet. Chinese cuisine includes rice, sauces, vegetables and pasta as own classification. Chinese desserts consist of eggs and milk. A meal here is not too spicy.


Greece is rich in heritage and culture, along with this, the Greek kitchen is also among the countries with the best meal. The Greek meal is also known as Mediterranean cuisine. His famous foods are lemon juice, vegetables, and cereals, among others.
The oil is also used for cooking. Yogurt, cheese are also added to enhance the flavor of the kitchen. Greek cuisine including lamb, chicken, rabbit, among others. Olive oil is the most prominent factor in Greek food.


The cuisine of India has great variety, according cultures and tastes of its residents. The people are very conscious about making meal choices. In India, the meal depends largely from religious groups.
Some are vegetarians, and some are not vegetarians. And the Muslim here considers the halal meal. This factor divided the Indian cuisine in two main parts. Indian food is also very spicy. The potato is a food classified for the Indians was introduced by the Portuguese


Every food lover should be familiar with Spanish cuisine. Spanish cuisine has variety, mainly due to different countries conquered Spain at different times.
The Spanish food uses the style of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire included different dishes of mushrooms in Spanish cuisine. And almost 90% of the world’s oil is produced in Spain, then the Spanish food is prepared by using olive oil.


Mexican cuisine is a kitchen mixing different European countries, especially Spanish food. Mexican food consists of corn, beans and chili, among others.
The beef, chicken, pork, goat, among others, is also consumed which is added by the Spanish cuisine in Mexican food. The use of cheese and other dairy products were also unknown to the Mexican, but Spanish introduced using cheese here. Asian and African people also influenced the Mexican cuisine.


The French cuisine is very sophisticated and modern. And it has a long history and especially taught in several of the world culinary schools. The preparation of the French food is very different from other cuisines.
The French people are famous for introducing the chips to the world, which are one of the most consumed foods in the world. France has many dishes in its national cuisine as terrine and bisque, among others.
The cheese is also considered as the invention of the French people, as they use cheese as a food classified them. The wine is also presented with the French food.


Italy is the country with the best food in the world. The Italian food is very impressive, and no other cuisine can take the place of food in Italy. Italian cuisine includes olive oil, cheese and coffee, among others. The taste of Italian coffee is known as espresso. The pizza is the invention of the Italian people. The oil is normally used for cooking purposes here.

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